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Blogging In Uncertain Times 03/2020

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I find writing cathartic, I always have. It helps me deal with emotions and process my feelings - possibly even make sense of, or find meaning in, the world around me and the people around me. It may even be my attempt to make sense of myself... However this time it also feels like a social diary or commentary - a record of an historic event from a rural Samuel Pepys! Possibly I will need to look back in order to understand what actually happened, and to understand my feelings and reactions in trying to make sense of what was going on. The panic buying, the stockpiling, the immense worry that we are under financially to ride this crisis out and have something to still show for it at the end. Change, and being changed - the huge potential for this that this Pandemic has. Let's all hope that change is about being the best we can be and the best we can make of things... Day 1 So late yesterday afternoon the government announced that schools would be shutting indefinitely, due to the Coronavirus. Today we have been seeing the government rushing measures for emergency powers through parliament and our children start to bring home work for their two weeks of term time left before Easter. And I am feeling nervous and apprehensive. What about the affect of a lockdown, quarantine, social isolation or whatever the term will be, on carers, domestic violence, people battling illness at home, the elderly and infirm, the housebound? What about the children who dread going home, who are happier, safer even, at school, because there are people around them to watch out for their welfare? I feel like the world around me is changing, entering a new phase, that we shall all be challenged and changed by these events. I hope that means we shall see how we cope with worry, unease and anxiety by supporting each other in socially acceptable, non-spreading of Coronavirus, ways! We are adapting and rising to the challenge of how to be - how to be as a family, a parent, a friend, a neighbour and as a person. 'Remain positive about yourself and your situation - see the good in yourself and others'. Not sure who to attribute this quote to but I have it written down as something I have seen and appreciate the wisdom of. Now I just need to put it in to practice big time...

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