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Coronavirus Blog Day 11

I am feeling tired - it reminds me of the tiredness that you feel when grieving because you are constantly thinking about things, working them out, going over the same things again and again - often with more questions than answers... Shopping feels like a nightmare - the last time I went out shopping was the day before the schools closed - I was done and back home in 45 minutes. My husband was amazed, no, shocked I think, as I tend to meander and never stick to the shopping list so it can take me a while. However it was a 15 minute car journey to the supermarket, 15 minutes back and 15 minutes to shop! He also wanted to know what had taken me so long every other time... So as we are being asked to have our groceries delivered, and only go out to shop if we really have to, I am trying to get a delivery slot, any slot and from any supermarket, but nothing is available. The sites are crashing unable to cope with the numbers ordering and there are no slots to deliver anything anyway. Calpol is like gold dust to find and also biscuits seem to be harder to get. Wait, Facebook says Asda has slots, switch to another tab...and watch the slots disappear in front of my eyes...I grab one for April 9th, put some essentials in my basket and check out, just, as the site crashes. But thinking I can add more later I don't panic, then I read on Facebook others attempts to do this has led to their baskets of items disappearing and their slots being lost... There are bits of good news globally - China says it is relaxing its restrictions in Wuhan where the virus was first identified. We shall have to watch points and be careful with lifting restrictions too early, and believing everything China tells us?? Perhaps a career in diplomacy is not well starred for me... My husband has coined a new acronym for this time and our apprehensions - FOTU, which I misheard the first time round and was less than impressed with, but after that mix up was sorted out I listened as he explained it meant 'Fear Of The Unknown'. Yes, as continuity and a familiar structure to daily life disappears that is probably true, that is how I feel - wary (and, as I mentioned earlier, weary!).

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