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  • Kay Fletcher

Coronavirus Blog Day 4

Today is Mother's Day. So the day started with our son being adamant he could see a goose at the top of a tree in the field opposite our house. He had the binoculars out and everything. On looking myself I could see it was a heron...resting awkwardly at the top of a tree bare of all its leaves. This doesn't bode well for any lessons on nature or wildlife... I feel really grateful that we can all be together for Mother's Day. I know there are people not able to visit their mother's today because they want to keep them safe and shield them from any higher risk of infection. It is a tough but caring decision. I can't see my mother today - she passed away in July last year so this really is my first Mother's Day without her. We have had floods this year, bush fires in Australia and now a Pandemic. The winds have also been wild, they keep me awake at night as they seem to attack the walls, windows, roof and chimney - it's as if they are looking for a way in. They are not invited, but that doesn't seem to stop things getting us at the moment. I thought it sounded like the earth keening, it had such an angry, raw edge to it. One of my friends rang earlier, she was upset at people's selfishness, unable to understand how they continue to gather together and ignore the need to self-isolate. Selfishness and greed - I can't help thinking that these traits are as great a threat as the Coronavirus. I can see the biscuits ever decrease in the jar - it's glass so you can't hide, or deny, the truth. Why does that seem so important now - the level at which our biscuits sit? Anyway, no matter what my husband and son do they cannot get the 'Happy Mother's Day' banner they bought to stay on the wall. By the end of the evening what is left stuck on the wall reads '.... Mot.. Day'. Looking at this I reason that therein may lie the way, an MOT day may be the best idea - I will check on my needs too! I will, I really, really will... Hopefully this blog forms part of that self-care. I keep thinking of the saying, 'You can't drink from an empty vessel...'. Let's pace ourselves, take it steady, little steps, find our feet, get our balance and look after ourselves and each other. Even if this is our chance to learn how to do that or learn how important it really is.

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