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What A Wit With Words 01/04/2015

“Where did you get that from?”, asks our 7 year old son scornfully over his shoulder, “Parenting for Dummies?”. And with that last remark delivered to withering perfection he is gone down the stairs. I am speechless, open-mouthed, watching the empty space that our son just occupied in disbelief. My brain registers movement – my shoulders are starting to shake uncontrollably, soon I am bent double as loud, raucous laughter escapes me.

I admire his confidence and his wit and I respect the fact he is his own person. I also know what a loving, caring, little boy he is, so I take great delight in these moments, hearing his witty well chosen and, although I don’t really want to admit it, pertinent retorts. For I can see he uses his words to create a place amongst his peers and defend it against more physical or violent attacks. He has a loving heart and I fear that in this world it will cost him dearly. He will be judged in deficit for this as his ways are peaceful and caring, and called ‘sensitive’, a slur not a saving grace it seems.

I wipe the tears that are running down my cheek away with the heel of my hand and try to remember what I should be doing on this school morning. Downstairs I hear our son walk in to the hall below “Are you o.k. mum?” he calls up voice full of query and concern. “I’m fine, I’m on my way downstairs” I shout back, noting with a wry smile that he calls me mum more than mummy now. “I forgot to tell you, we are going to have speaking parts in our play for the Easter service”, my son tells me as I descend the stairs. “I’m playing Jesus”, he continues, “I’m washing my friends feet..”. My own ‘sensitive’ heart sighs in response.

I wish you all a Happy, Loving and Peaceful Easter.

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